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Defensible Space

What is defensible space?

Defensible space is the gap between your home, property and sensitive structures and the fuels which feed a wildfire. These fuels include brush, seasonal grasses, unkempt landscaping, and low branched trees.

Cal Fire and other Emergency Fire Agencies recommend a minimum of 100 feet between flammable fuels and these areas as the best possible defense strategy. Flames and radiant heat from wildfire flame can engulf a structure or low limbed tree at an incredible rate of spread, leaving little time and space to fight this threat.

Creation and maintenance of defensible space areas not only help save your property from wildfire, it also extends the area of usable space on your property.

Our mastication machines chew up brush and slash and leave the material in place, helping to keep re-growth down, and help prevent hillside erosion.

Ask us how today how SLOmow can help you create a manageable and appealing defensible space plan.


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